How to Make Mini Rice Miller Machine Using Popsicle Sticks (Video)

Credit: 3M DIY (Watch more on Youtube)

In the field of agriculture, there are many types of harvesting machines for different types of crops. One of the top favourable harvesting machines for most farmers is rice thresher machine that has gone through many evolutionary stages since rice and wheats were discovered.

Inspired by many types of those harvesting machine and tractor, you can also learn to make a smaller version by yourself in order to understand the basics of how the machine is built from, either it is made of steel, cardboard or plastic as replica model, every machine should start with the same common grounds.

Not only for educational purposes, this video will instruct you in detail step by step on how to make a rice thresher machine tractor that can roll with ease on 4 wheels that are made with only aluminium sheet, popsicle sticks, and some leftover compartments of your old toy car.

1- Making of the car

From your old toy car, remove 4 wheels and add up a rugged surface so it can run on bumping surface or small rocks easily.

Connect the wheels with the base made of popsicle sticks secured by hot glue. The more sticks you add to the base, the sturdier it can get in order to put up with the whole thresher machine later on.

As you finish connecting the wheels to the base, attach the main battery as main power generator on the base and start working on shaking grains filter by punching small holes on a sheet of aluminum.

The filter is made of 2 layers of aluminum sheet – one with holes that works as filter and another one to keep the grains from falling.

2- Making of Thresher Cylinder Tube

On a sheet of thin aluminum, cut out holes with steel cutting motor and roll over to make a cylinder tube for the threshing mill.

Leave appropriate slots for the opening, the waste injector and grains outlet.

Then, with a wooden bar, stick small chunks of wooden chopsticks and steel blades at the end to create the spike threshing bar.

As you insert the fill inside, cover the cylinder with steel belt and cardboard.

3- Assembling

After finishing all the important parts, start combining all the components together which involves with electricity wires and motors that keep the mill running and the car moving.

As long as the main power and the whole machine are working, you can decorate them as you like by spraying paint and adding a few more extra tools to make it even more realistic and you’re done!

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