How to Make Mini Rice Thresher Machine From Plastic Bottle (Video)

Creator: 3M DIY (Watch video above for full tutorial)

Household Waste is one of the biggest problems we all encounter. But there is a fun way to change that into something useful and educational to try with your kids by recycling your used plastic bottle, cans, popsicle sticks plus additional remote toy only.

Below is a short read with video on how to make a portable four-wheeled rice thresher machine that can remove rice grains from the stem easily with only plastic and aluminium waste.

You will need: 

  • 4 aluminium cans
  • 2 plastic bottles (1.5 L)
  • 2 pairs of 9v batteries
  • 4 toy wheels
  • Mini toy fan
  • Metal wire
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Glue guns
  • Papercutting knife
  • Tin snips
  • A4 Sheet of Paper

Step 1: Portable wheels

Start from the bottom base that holds the machine altogether with the four wheels. Cut the bottom part of each can, leaving some space to insert toy wheels inside. As you finish with the wheels, create a mini car structure with four popsicle sticks.

Cut the sticks to your favorable sizes and secure each part with hot glue. Then, start attaching the four wheels onto the popsicle structure by attaching mini toy motors to the back wheels and connect front wheels with a metal wire.

As you have the main foundation started, continue the structure higher and secure space to place aluminium grain filters with the remaining bodies of cans by creating holes on the surface. Make sure to leave appropriate space between each filter. On the front side, attach mini toy fan in the middle and give a good amount of space for the blades to run smoothly.

Step 2: Rice Thresher

With a water bottle, cut out the narrow part and create a hole in the middle of the bottom part. To create the thresher, cut a metal wire and wrap it with an A4 paper until it is thick enough leaving a good amount of leftover length on each side of the metal uncovered.

Then, cut out popsicle sticks in small sizes and attach them onto the paper wrapped wire to create a threshing system. As you insert the thresher back inside the bottle, seal the other side with another bottle bottom part.

Cut out a rectangular shape on that water bottle and attach 2 metal wires onto it so it is suitable to input rice stems inside. With the remaining part of metal that sticks out of the cylinder sides, attach it with a screw that connects to the fan blade so the thresher will move as the fan is turned on.

Step 3: Assembling

Attach the threshing system onto the main structure and adding small details to the car like putting on the tyre bumpers and the grains counter.

Flip the car over and attach 2 batteries with electric wire to the bottom part that connects to the main power switch with another pair of batteries for the remote control beside the fan.

Add some finishing touch and you will get a cool portable rice threshing machine made out of recycling waste!w

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