How to Make a Mini Rice Thresher from Paper Roll at Home (Video)

Credit: TuahRaja (Watch full on Youtube)

If you think a rice thresher machine cannot be made with simple crafting materials, think again. There are many materials you can use to replicate a working rice thresher whether it is plastic bottle, cans or wood or cardboard. This time we will provide an instruction of how you can make an educational model of rice thresher machine out of cardboard tube, cans, and plywood planks.

You will need: 

  • Cardboard tube
  • Plywood
  • Aluminium can
  • Steel nails
  • Woodcutter
  • Hot glue
  • Screwdriver

1- Thresher Cylinder tube

On a cardboard tube, draw rectangular shapes – one big hole for the threshing mill, one small hole for grains insert opener, and more small holes at the back for injecting remaining stems from the grain removing process. Cut out those parts with a cutting machine and keep the big rectangular hole to cover the mill later on. 

For this model, we will make a spike threshing mill by using steel nails and wooden bar. First, make small holes and drill into it with screwdriver in order to insert the steel nails later. Position the nails row by row in opposite directions so the removing process is done nicely.

On a plank of plywood, cut out 3 circular shapes to cover the edges of the cylinder by leaving holes in the middle to secure the threshing mill later with a toy motor to keep it rolling. After covering the cylinder with 2 circular frames, use the remaining circular frame to cover the motor outside secured by 3 blocks of wood. 

2- Assembling

Assemble everything together by putting the threshing mill connected with the main power inside the main tube. Cover the mill with the remaining rectangular cardboard from the previous steps and leave only a small hole opening to insert the grains.

To keep the thresher higher than the ground, stack it on a single wooden block with plywood plank at the bottom to as the foundation. Attach the entire thresher onto the column and make sure it is balanced and can stand by itself. 

Add a rice counter under the opening to keep the stems from falling. With a used aluminum can, cut out the top and bottom part by keeping only the flat part for grains outlet.

Insert it to the bottom part of the cylinder where the grains come out and secure with hot glue. Finish with the power switch and you will have a working model of cardboard tube rice thresher machine.