How to Make Soda Vending Machine from Cardboard

Creator: Target Engineer (Watch Full Video Tutorial above)

What’s fascinating about vending machines is how they are an automated chiller that gives you a sense of entertainment at the same time as you pay for a drink which reminds you of the old school arcade games.

There are various types of vending machines over these few decades as they update according to modern technology; likewise, from a vending machine with coins’ insert and punching keypad to facial and ID card scan LCD technology.

Since you are used to those familiar brands and how they are operated, in this video, we will instruct a simple step-by-step detailed guide on how to make a soft drink vending machine from cardboard with materials you have at home for fun.

Before you start, make sure you have enough supplies of cardboard, a few cans of Coca-Cola, a sheet of transparent plastic, wooden skewer sticks, dc motor, and battery, plus other essential accessories and you are ready to go!

A vending machine is a combination of different parts such as the exterior covering such as the display, take-out port, coin or card slot, keypad, and operating device inside.

First, draw out the main structure of the machine the way you like it such as the machine body, keypad, card slots on a piece of cardboard, and cut them out separately.

As you finish all the cutting parts, start with the display chamber which consists of a cubic box to fit 3 cans of coke inside covered with a transparent sheet of plastic behind the open frame. Attach the display chamber to the exterior part and start working on the insider.

With another piece of cardboard, create a can dispenser that fits the can nicely as it retrieves from the display chamber with a stick in the middle to keep the can from falling until it is pushed to dispense by a motor.

Place the dispenser underneath the display chamber as you continue with the motor. Set the motor on slow circular motion with only one battery before you latch it onto the dispenser.

As you finish the most complicated part, start putting back the card slot so once a card is inserted, it will push the power button to release the can be driven by the motor dispenser. 

Finish your set up with a small touch of decoration and painting, and you will have a mini vending machine that provides a soft drink right away!


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