How to Make Popcorn and Soda Vending Machine from Cardboard

Creator: Target Engineer (Subscribe Them on Youtube)

It’s finally weekend and here comes the movie marathon date you have been waiting for to watch with your friends at home for so long! But watching only movies without popping popcorn into your mouth along with a cup of icy drink in your hand will seem very dissatisfying and lacking that’s why this video made by Target Engineer will instruct you on how to create your personal Popcorn and Pepsi Vending Machine with mostly cardboard that requires zero power energy to do the job where you can easily make one at home. 

Start by cutting parts that you will need to build the exterior structure of the vending machine on a big piece of cardboard with a paper-knife.

Then, glue the display windows with a clear plastic sheet as you move on to the popcorn dispenser part.

On a piece of square cardboard that fits the popcorn base, cut out a rectangle shape open which will later become the dispenser switch as you push the button.

Create a cube to contain the popcorn as you attach it to the base. To make it even more fun, create a switch with popsicle sticks that will hold the coin down and release an amount popcorns out with the weight of the coin. 

Next, is to work on the Pepsi vending machine. Do it by gluing three pieces of cardboards together that fit a few cans fo Pepsi.

Next, cut out small and short pieces of cardboard as you turn them into a push-button that will release a can with enough pressure.

As you finish the two important parts, assemble them into the machine structure by placing a popcorn dispenser on the left and Pepsi vending machine on the right side.

Top the machine with a popcorn hopper while decorating your buttons for each machine and you’re ready to chill with your friends for a fun movie marathon.