How to make Oreo And Milk Dispenser Machine from Cardboard

Creator: SLICK SLIME SAM - DIY, Comedy, Science (Youtube)

We all love our Oreo dipped in milk and there’s nothing better than having a cardboard Oreo vending machine that also pours milk outside at the same time with a light on as you insert the card inside. This is both easy and fun at the same time for you to try at home with your kids in an educational way. All you need are cardboard, dc motor, milk bottle, tube and Oreo to start with.

First, make out the whole machine’s exterior by starting from the milk section first with pieces of cardboard as you glue them together piece by piece.

As you create a nice space for the milk bottle, start working on the milk pumping pedal that will trigger access to pour milk outside.

With a piece of square-shaped cardboard attach a metal piece to an electronic wire and insert it inside, right under the milk box and add a metal spring beneath it to enable the pedal.

Next, create a card slot with more pieces of cardboard that connect to the lighting system as you solder wires on it to the battery.

The light will lid as you insert a card in it. Then, attach the card slot inside the milk box leaving the batteries inside in order to connect to the air pump. With an air pump in your hand, solder two wires to the main power by placing the air outlet upward. 

To finish the milk pumping system, bring a bottle of milk and drill in two tubes on the lid. Connect the smaller tube to the air pump leaving another bigger tube as the milk outlet.

As you finish the hard part, start working on the Oreo section by adding more cardboard pieces to build a display rack that fits Oreo packs and the outlet at the same time.

To create a dispenser, attach rubber bands to the card slot so it will release an Oreo pack as you insert the card. Decorate the machine with coverings and sparkles and you’re ready to enjoy your Oreo and milk in a super cool way!