How to Make Gumball Vending Machine from Cardboard

Creator: Mini Gear (Youtube)

If you were asked to recall one of the best childhood memories, would you count in staying around for a gumball vending machine to the list? Standing there inserting coin after coin waiting for your sweet treat to fall down one by one until you get the color you want.

We all experienced it and wanted to revive the memory in a more entertaining form with a detailed instruction video made by Mini Gear where everyone can make by themselves easily at home and level up their creativity by adding fun challenges along the way. 

This machine requires no electric power to run or complicated science required! All you need is cardboard, popsicle stick, BBQ sticks, chopsticks, rubber bands, plastic book cover, and fishing wire to kick off your awesome gumball machine.

Since the machine is mainly a combination of two main parts that include the gumball tower and the maze wheel, let’s work from the starting point which is the tower.

First, you need to work on the gumball storage. It includes two pieces of round shaped cardboards with 13cm diameter and five pieces of 12cm diameter with the same hole stacked on each other. This system will drop a gumball one by one as you turn the switch from right to left direction.

As you finish the storage part, move on to the slide that’s connected to the pole which later creates a tower. To create the slide, place half circled cardboard pieces to the pole at an angle so the ball will fall down at your favorable speed.

As you finish creating the slide pole, connect gumball storage to the pole to create the tower and finish with a plastic wrap.

Now that you are done with the gumball tower, move on to the next challenge that will shoot the gumball upward right into the maze wheel. It only requires a spring to shoot the ball upward and that’s when you need the popsicle sticks.

As you place the stick at an angle at the bottom of a cardboard tube you made to fit the ball, tie it with rubber bands at the back so that the ball will shoot upward as you release the paddle.

Moving on to the second part of the machine is the maze wheel. On a wide wheel, draw as many circles as you like depending on the obstacles you prefer on the canvas. Then, stick corrugated cardboards on each circle with open holes where you want the balls to fall down to the next maze.

As you are done with the made, cut out more pieces of cardboard to create a channel for the ball to fall into the right place after it’s sprung upward.

By the time you successfully create the maze wheel, it’s time to finish the project by making a spinning handle.

Placed right next to the maze wheel, connect your spinning wheel to the main wheel with fishing wire from the back end so they will synchronize as you spin the handle around. Touch up with the gumball outlet right below the maze and you’re done!