How to Make Electric Pencil Sharpener Machine from Cardboard

Creator: Hack Room (Youtube)

If you are getting bored with traditional pencil sharpeners, this video is for you! Sharpening pencils have always been something fun and addicting at the same so why not turn it to another level? This video will show you how to create a pencil sharpener machine that includes pencil dispenser and stationary tools for your kids as well. All you need is cardboard, a dc motor, pencil sharpener, and glue to kick start with!

On flat cardboard, draw out blueprints of what you need to build the pencil dispenser. Start from the bottom, connect each angle with glue as you build from the bottom part to the dispenser section.

To create an automatic dispenser, you have to create a button that will push the main pencil drawer to release one pencil at a time.

The inside consists of two extra cardboard sections placed on each side of the drawer secured by a skewer and glue that later connects to another sheet of cardboard with rubber bands to create the spring effect for the “Press Button”.

Remember to place the drawer right under pencil storage above the pencil cabinet that is measured to fit pencil length. 

Next, start making the automatic pencil sharpener machine on a separate box of cardboard by attaching a pencil sharpener to a DC motor from a toy fan.

This will keep the sharpener rolling over as you turn on the power. After making sure it runs smoothly, place the sharpener securely into the box and cover it nicely.

Leave a hole for inserting the pencil and a waste drawer to collect the dust and shavings underneath then attach the whole machine to the main pencil dispenser.

Repeat the same thing if you want to add an eraser and A4 paper sections to the whole stationery. Decorate with paintings or drawing according to your reference and add pencils to the dispenser before enjoying the fun of sharpening!