How to Make Donuts And Pringles Dispensers From Cardboard

Credit: SLICK SLIME SAM – DIY, Comedy, Science

If you love donuts and Pringles, then you’ll love this DIY project! With just a few simple supplies, you can make your own donuts and Pringle’s dispensers. All you need is a cardboard box, some plastic wrap, and a hot glue gun.

This DIY project is simple and fun! You will need a donut or pringles can, a spoon, some hot glue, and a few pieces of pipe insulation.

1) Cut the can open along the top with a sharp knife. Make sure to leave the bottom intact so you can use it as a dispenser base.

2) Put hot glue on the inside of the can lid and place it on the open end of the can.

3) Turn the can so that the glued side is facing down. Push the pipe insulation through the hole in the lid and push it up against the side of the can.

4) Glue the pipe insulation to the sides of the can lid.

5) Turn the can over so that the glued side is facing up.

With this project, you can have delicious donuts and Pringles anytime you want!

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