How to Make Dog Food Dispenser from Cardboard at Home

Creator: The Q (Youtube)

Every mealtime is always extra work to provide food for your pet and it will double the time if you have more than one pet based on their own diet and proportion.

If you remember from our previous instruction on how to create an Oreo and Milk Dispenser machine, it is very easy and similar to this new project made by The Q of making a pet food dispenser out of cardboard which you only need a jar, popsicle stick, and cardboard with accomplishment time of fewer than 30 minutes.

The main function of this tool is to dispense an amount of food from the upper jar running through the hopper the moment a pedal is pushed without using any electricity.

First, is to start with the food hopper by cut out four half-hexagon shaped cardboard pieces and attach them together with hot glue. After the hopper is ready, move on to create the switch that will release the food. Do this by gluing two short popsicle sticks to each side of the hopper and another two pieces at the bottom.

To create the handle that will later connect to the hopper, roll a piece of A4 paper with a pencil to create a tube and glue it to another piece of cardboard that fits as hopper base. Glue more popsicle sticks to the side and secure it with rubber bands so the moment the handle is pushed down, the hopper base will open.

Place the hopper on top of the dispenser and move to create a nice food outlet below it at an angle as you cover the whole machine with more cardboards. For the remaining handle tube sticking outside the machine, glue another piece of cardboard for the “Push” function.

To wrap up, make a hole in the center of the food jar lid before making sure it fits the food hopper. Then, refill the food into the jar and glue the lid to the whole machine before you start decorating your design. By the time you finish, it’s time for more feeding frenzy!