How to Make DIY Jaw Crusher Machine from Cardboard

Inspired by industrial jaw crushing machines and tractors, this time we will show you how you can make your own model of a mini jaw crushing machine using cardboard as the main structure as instructed by V.Idea in the video below. This machine is small and very easy to create which can crush chunks of clay into small grains at a time. 

Start with the crusher by placing skewer sticks on top of a piece of cardboard to create a jaw opening.

Since the crusher needs to contract in order to crush objects, you need to create a wheel at the back of the jaw to keep them open and close as the motor runs.

With a rubber band, connect the jaw to a skewer stick that runs over another metal wheel in the center of the machine. Cover the part with cardboard to work on the wheels. 

On a separate piece of cardboard, attach two sets of toy car wheels to the base so they can run freely like the figure below.

Then, start placing the jaw crusher on top of the four-wheelers and stick them with glue.

Moving on to the electrical part, place a DC motor underneath that’s connected to the pulley wheels on the outside of the machine.

As the motor runs, it will move the metal wheels inside and contract the crusher respectively.

After making sure it runs smoothly, place the power button in with more batteries at the bottom as the main power supply, and you’re good to go!