How to Make Coin Sorting Machine from Cardboard

Creator: Mini Gear (Youtube)

Have you found it troublesome from time to time sorting out all the coins you have leftover from everyday spending? All those times to spend on re-sorting everything by its amount and the fact that there are not only one but four types of coins can be quite a lot to handle but not anymore!

A smart coin sorting machine made from cardboard shown in this fully instructed video made by Mini Gear will change your mind on coin sorting forever on how the coins are sorted and arranged nicely the time it was thrown into the rotating chain wheel where you can even adjust the speed from low to fast!

This machine only requires a few dollars and less than an hour to start, with all these materials included such as:

  • 9V battery
  • DC motor and DC motor speed controller
  • Electric wire and battery connector wire
  • Plastic glass
  • Plastic book cover
  • Cardboard:
  • 1cm x 3cm = 8 pieces
  • 1.5cm x 37.5cm = 1 piece
  • 2cm x 5cm = 8 pieces
  • 4.5cm x 40cm = 1 piece
  • 5.5cm x 10cm = 4 pieces
  • 6cm x 40cm = 1 piece
  • 10cm x 2cm = 4 pieces
  • 15cm x 40cm = 1 piece
  • 16cm x 18cm = 1 piece

First, let’s start with the machine’s main structure. Connect two pieces of cardboard together to become the base and wall in order to add frames on both sides and more coin sections divided by more cardboard pillars vertically attached to the main wall as you glue them together.

Next, is to build the coin trail and slots that will be placed in front of the machine. Do this by cutting out four slots that almost fit each coin. As you measure the slot, make to leave a bit space so that the coins will slip inside their designated slots as they roll from the rotating wheel.

Moving on to the wheel, revive your technical skills by connecting electric wire from a DC motor to the 9V battery on one side and the power/speed controller button on another side. As you make sure it runs, stick out the motor piece to the center of the cardboard pillar by the coin trail.

To create the chain wheel, make half circles around a piece of round-shaped cardboard and cut them out so you will have a chain wheel ready for rolling as you glue it to the motor in the center.

Add up more cardboard pieces at the bottom of the wheel in order to secure the coins as you slow them in. Later, the pointy sides of the wheel will pick up the coin one by one transferring them to the slot trail later.

After you place the chain wheel to the machine at an angle, it is time to assemble everything from start to end such as covering the top part of the machine and inserting the motor inside before sticking out the power button nicely erecting from the surface.

Add more works to the coins outlet and receiver with the remaining cardboards by gluing them at an angle right below the coin slot.

Last but not least, is to finish your whole project with the coin cylinders and place them under the coins outlet. Touch up with more fancy add-ons like glossy finish and stickers before you activate your newly handmade coin sorting machine!