How to Make Coin Counting Machine from Cardboard

Creator: The S (Watch Them on Youtube)

Have you found yourself sometimes bombarded with how there are many coins leftover from your everyday spending? Keeping them tidy in one place is one thing, but counting them one by one is definitely another story.

As you have already known that there is countless stuff you can make out of with only cardboard and this time, just like any other cool invention videos we gathered for you, we will talk about how to make a cardboard coin the counting machine with cardboard as instructed by The S as shown in the video below. 

Before you start, focus on the main important parts of the machine. It is a combination between the numbering slots and the coin receptor system. First, let’s start with the slots.

The number of slots depends on how many digits you want for the machine. In this video, there are three digits with the largest number rounding up to 999 before it resets back to 000.

You will need three cylinder-shaped wheels with a hole in the middle part followed by a leaf-shaped lever at the bottom pointing to number 6 of the slot.

Then, make two sets of gear wheels with 10 pointers and stick them at the back of the two wheels by facing the pointer in between each numeric space.

On the third wheel, glue 10 wooden sticks on the flat wheel surface by positioning them in between the numbers as well. On the first and second digit wheels, glue another pointer on top of the leaf-shaped pointer.

Once the first wheel completes its round, the sharp pointer will lift the next digit wheel to move as well. Insert a tube to the middle of the three wheels and you will have something like this:

Place the wheels onto the machine casing and move on to the reset system to put in between the slots. This system will control the wheel movements from the first digit to the last one and also determine the reset function as well. 

On a different tube, place the compartments together and attach it to the machine casing connecting the controller to the main slots.

Glue a knop behind the reset lever and attach them with a rubber band, while placing a slot stopper on the left part of the casing and you’re done with the slot number system!

Now let’s work on the electrical machine for the coin receptor. It is made of a DC motor powered by a battery. In order for the motor to run as the coin slides past the slider, it requires a magnetic mechanism. Follow this figure to create the coin receptor.

Once you are done, finish off with a coin hopper on top of the receptor system and cover the machine before decorating the exterior parts such as the coin outlet, and the power button. 

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