How to Make Candy Dispenser Machine from Cardboard

Creator: SLICK SLIME SAM Live (Subscribe them on Youtube)

If your kids have way too many candies scattering around the house and every corner, maybe it’s time to find a better way to store them and keep the kids entertained at the same time as you build the machine. Here’s a fun video made by SLICK SLIME SAM Live that will show you two ways on how to build a candy dispenser machine with LEGO and cardboard. 

1- Making LEGO Candy Dispenser

Since there are varieties of shapes you can do with LEGO blocks, it’s all up to you to how big you want the machine to be. Start from a flat block as a base, start sticking more blocks as a candy outlet.

As you are on your halfway building the structure up, start working with the dispensing system right in the middle of the machine by sticking a slider to the sides so once it’s slid, candies will fall into the hold and dispense outside through the outside channel. 

To finish, decorate the top of the machine with a transparent window for cady display before pouring candies inside and you’re good to go!

2- Making Cardboard Candy Dispenser

With this one, you need cardboards, paper-knife, popsicle sticks, ruler, pencil and glue to start with. Before proceeding to the cutting part, make sure you measure each part with the given numbers below:

Since the machine contains 5 candy slots, we will need quite a lot of space to fit all of them in. As you finish cutting all of the parts, start glue the two frames to the base as the frame and ­­place a 41.3 x 23.4cm piece to the back as the wall.

Secure with another piece you made for better endurance next to the back wall. The last two parts will be placed in front of the machine to finish the base as you let the glue dry.

Next, is work on each candy storage with all the given measurements with numeric orders above. First, glue a popsicle stick marked as number 3 to a cardboard stick with the same measure together.

Then, glue it to the back of the number 2 wall as you make a copy of number 2 before connecting to detail number 1. After that, stick a short stick to the bottom of piece number 4 as you place it at the rear support of the slot.

Place number 5 right on of number 4 before you glue a pen spring, supported by a stick, right to the center of number 4 stick.

To create the push-button effect, place piece number 6 in between piece number 4 and 5 by allowing the spring stick to go through the corrugated part of number 6’s cardboard.

Add another cardboard at an angle to the container so the candies will fall down easily as you push the button. Repeat the process as you add more containers to the machine.

As you finish with all the containers, start adding them to the machine. Add a transparent plastic to the slots to finish your container display.

As you move on to the finishing line, decorate each cany slot with stickers on the button and also the bottom of the slot before you dump the candies inside. And look! Your candy machine is ready!