How to Make ATM Machine from Cardboard via Mini Gear

Creator: Mini Gear (Youtube)

We all like the ATM machine because it ejects cash for us to spend every time we go to the bank. Unlike many smart types of ATM where you cross path with, this video will guide you a clear step-by-step tutorial on how to create a traditional ATM using card swipe technology that ejects cash from cardboard material at home or for your next school project inspired by the real working one.

Before you start, make sure you have all the necessary materials to build the ATM such as cardboard, popsicle sticks, skewers, thin aluminum sheet, dc motor, a battery, and a pair of magnets, then you’re ready to go!

First, start off with the first gear of the machine that locates next to the card swipe.

In order for the gear to lift as the card is swiped, you need to stick one magnet to the card with the same pole facing another magnet nearby so it will repel and contract the rest of the swing to eject the currency bill. 

Glue one magnet to the wooden swing made with popsicle sticks with measurements where you can find in the video. As you finish placing it on the desired locations, hang an elastic rubber band connecting the two parts together.

After that, start with the ATM money slot for putting the currency bills. Measure the cardboard to fit your currency bills inside and turn it into a drawer. As the drawer is finished, start working on another gear that will push the money outside the slot once the swing is lifted.

Do this by putting parts of popsicle sticks together as you secure them with glue and rubber bands to ensure it rotates freely without errors.

As you complete the most difficult parts, start wrapping up by connecting the swings with the main battery that creates a contraction from the magnetic card swipe to the bill ejector smoothly.

Secured with electricity wires around the battery poles and aluminum sheet, test them first to make sure it’s running smoothly before covering the whole machine.

Decorate the exterior with keypads and screen along with some fun colors to add to your card slots and your ATM card. Have fun and share it with the world!