How to Make a Soda Fountain Machine from Cardboard

Creator: The Q (Youtube)

Summer is getting closer and it’s time to get excited for the up and coming pool party to celebrate with your friends or family. One of the best parts is to have all the facilities ready for the refreshing occasion and we thought that having a soft drink fountain you can make at home at low cost instructed by The Q wouldn’t hurt at all to try! All you need is DC mini air pump motor that’s connected with 9V battery, plastic tubes, cardboard, and your favorite soft drinks to start with.

Kicking start from the technical work, solder DC air pump motor wires to the main battery where each motor is designated for one drink, with one button to process the air pump motor. Since one set of the motor is for one tab, the number will grow as you have more brands to add to the list.

Now get on with the fun part. On each bottle cap, drill in two holes – one for a bigger tube that acts as the drink tab, and another smaller hole for a smaller tube that’s connected to the air pump motor.

It should be noted that the bigger tube requires to be longer in order for it to reach to the bottom of the bottle to make sure you pump all of the liquid outside with no remaining as the other end of the tube will be long enough to run through the hole as the tab.

Secure the tube with hot glue to make sure it is airtight in order to make the soda runs smoothly. Test the pumping system first before putting all the necessities all in one place. 

Last but not least, is to create the machine’s coverings by cutting out six pieces of cardboard and glue them together creating a slot to fit in all the drinks bottles before closing the caps that are connected to the motors. Drill three holes for the beverage tabs and another three for each button above the tabs. Finish off everything with decoration and brand name tags for a fun pool party with your loved ones!