How to Make a Rice Grinder at Home – Woodworking

Credit: TuahRaja (Watch Full Video above)

Rice milling machines are well known in the agriculture sector for its rice, wheat, corn, and even coffee beans husking and grinding function. There are different types of rice milling machines in the industry whether it is big or small, consume battery energy or diesel fuel, each is required by different sizes of farmer’s harvest.

The way it works is how the rice paddies are put into the feeding hopper which later falls to the husking session on a rugged teeth roller where all the husks are blown away by air leaving only fine white rice at the final stage. 

Although it is complicated to study how the whole machine is made of, there are many other alternatives where you can learn and make it at home with all the materials you have such as plywood, plastic bottle, and mini dc motor fan with instruction video with detail here.

1- Milling System

Since the whole model here is mostly made with wood, we will start by cutting various shapes on a piece of plywood where each part is served for the model such as the milling system, the feeding hopper, and more.

Next, on a piece of the wooden bar, drill in small holes in grid lines around the bar and screw in steel nails by leaving only the nail heads erecting on the surface.

As the rolling grinder is filled with spike teeth, start placing in the center of a cubic frame made out of plywood pieces we used earlier and assembling the small parts around it with enough space for rice paddy to enter and husk naturally.

Secure everything is more screws and leave one hole to input speed setter later. The looser space is set between the milling roller and the wooden blocks, the more rice paddies can enter and get ground although the result might come less fine due to the overload amount of rice put into the grinding.

Next to the milling system, attach another cubic frame with dc motor inside which moves the whole milling system followed by the feeding hopper on top. 

2- Cylinder Tube

The cylinder tube will act as a tube where air blows away rice husk after the milling process. With a used plastic bottle, cut out the bottom and top part leaving only the body part. Cut out two rectangular shapes, one to fit the milling outlet and another one for rice outlet. Attach all the parts onto the cylinder with hot glue.

3- Setting Up

Since the machine needs to be above the ground in order to process the milling system, with a plank of plywood and a block of the wooden bar, build a foundation and attach the tube that’s already connected to the mill and make it stand proudly.

After everything stands by itself, start working on the air blower with a dc fan located next to the cylinder tube. Finish everything off by connecting electric wires from the milling machine to the air blower and end with the main power generator and you’re done!