How to make a Rice Thresher Machine – Do It Yourself (Video)

Creator: DIY Vlogs (Watch Full Video above for tutorial)

As your rice is getting ready for the harvest season, it is time to find ways to gather the yield as profitable as possible. Most people would choose to rent out available types of equipment based on their production size, but if you have a limited budget and enough time to make your own machine, this video will be the solution you are looking for which is to create a rice threshing machine by yourself.

Afterward, you will have a customized rice thresher that removes rice grains from the stems quickly and gathers all grains in one place with only metal wires and frames, used plank woods, and power generator.

Making of frames and machine cover

Start off with the frames by using sheets of metals with structure underneath in order to attach them to the wooden foundation that holds the frames vertically. By the time the 2 frames stand high by themselves, start building the back wall with more planks of wood. This back wall will work as a barrier to keep the rice grains from falling out of places during threshing. Finish the cover section by connecting another sheet of metal in between the 2 frames to create a nice flat slope.

Threshing System

As you complete the exterior, get on with the threshing unit. In order to roll, the threshing needs a sturdy rolling stick in the middle with 2 circular rings hanging that holds the threshing cylinder together, locating between the 2 metal frames, run by the pulley wheel no the right side of the machine.

To complete the thresher cylinder, cut metal bars and bend them to V-shape and insert them to small holes that you make on the symmetrical wooden planks. Secure the spikes by hammers. As you fill in all the nails on to the wooden planks, connect each part to the 2 metal rings inside the frame to create a cylinder shape. Hold them tight together with screws. Roll them around to make sure they are placed correctly and roll without stopping.


Since you finish the most difficult part, it’s time to arrange everything together and put it to work. With the remaining pulley wheel on the right side of the threshing frame, connect a strong but elastic string from the main power motor to the wheel in order to have the machine running. Start the power, and enjoy the abundance of your harvest!

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