How To Make Mini Rice Thresher Machine Using Cardboard (Video)

Creator: Expert Eye

There are many things you can make out of cardboard material. This time, we will show you how to make a mini rice thresher machine with only cardboard. It started from a threshing unit that removes the grains from the stems which later fall into a rolling wheel that gathers the grain in one place at the bottom. Below is how to get started!

Step 1: Threshing Cylinder

Start with rectangular-shaped cardboard which will become a cylinder shape later. Create straight folding lines to and punch small holes as rows to insert V-shaped hooks that later go into the holes. Swap positions in order to fill the blank space. Secure the hooks with hot glue and roll over to complete the cylinder shape.

Punch a middle hole on both sides of the cylinder and insert a tube inside with leftover length in order to attach to the thresher frames with round metal screws inside to enable it to roll with ease. Complete the compartment with roof and bottom covers.

Step 2: Conveyor Belt

Inside a cubic box, insert a motor with a battery inside that generates the main to the entire machine. Then, create 2 main wheels that keep the conveyor running by putting 2 rolling sticks inside cubic cardboards and cover the conveyor with the corrugated side facing upward.

Leave small holes secured with electric wires which later connect to the main power generator.

Step 3: Assembling

Create a sturdy foundation with enough height that fits the conveyor belt. Connect the wires from the open hole with electric wires connected to the upper part of the machine. After attaching the conveyor belt to the right position, flip the board over to move to the next part.

Stick the thresher cylinder on top next to the conveyor belt. With the leftover tube on the right side, fill it with thin cardboard and finish it with a cap. Then, create a loop string out of cardboard paper and fasten it with the motor cube at the back.

Stack up small frames on each side of the conveyor belt to secure the grains from falling during the removing process. Cut out a slot under the conveyor belt to insert a drawer that will collect rice grains transferred from the belt.

Finish with a power switch at the end and you’re done!

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