How To Make Mini Rice Grinder Machine From Cardboard

Credit: Expert Eye (Youtube)

There are many things we can make out of cardboard which can be surprisingly useful. Unlike wood, cardboard is made of mixed compounds that are hard but also flexible which are the main advantages why we see cardboard everywhere.

This time, we will create a working model of a rice milling machine out of only cardboard and foam board in order to deliver the flour at the final stage. 

Rice grinding machine is used for grinding fine rice grains into fine flour for different cooking recipes. It consists of the main feeding hopper, grinder, and flour collector.

To start, make a few round shapes of cardboard to fit the main motor, and for the grinder inside which hold the main parts of the machine.

Next, start making the rice grinder by cutting out two circular shapes of foam board and drill in small holes as loops to insert steel nails later.

On another piece of foamboard, repeat the same thing except for switching the loops so the grinder will on clash during operation. Leave a hole in the center of the upper grinder plate for rice input later. 

Back to the bottom part of the machine, start setting up the main power generator using the motor which wires are connected to the upper part of the machine and power switch.

After covering the bottom part, add another disk of cardboard onto the motor and attach a flour outlet made by foamboard which connects to the container outside with a mesh sealed on the surface for refining flour. 

Stack up more cardboard disks as you place the grinder inside and cover them with the remaining cardboard. Finish the set-up by creating a feeding hopper with a hole in the center part and a rice stopper in the middle.

By the time you finish, fine rice flour will come out from the grinding machine that is made out of only cardboard. Have fun!