How To Make Mini Flour Mill Machine from Cardboard

Credit: Hack Room (Youtube)

If we talk about ways to harvest and deliver rice products from farm to customers, there are many processes where everyone should know. 

When all of us are familiar with rice mills, there are also more machines created to meet the demand such as a flour mill machine that grinds fine rice into a fine powder. 

Here, we will create a model of mini rice flour mill made out of cardboard that replicates the main functions in the real machine.

Before we start, get ready with all the materials you will need to create this mini machine such as cardboard, foamboard, dc motor, and necessary accessories. 

Start off with cardboard. Given an appropriate size, cut out six disks of round shaped cardboard that will be placed later into the main cylinder mill.

Move on the cylinder mill, create small stripes on a long piece of cardboard with paper, knife, and a ruler. 

As you finish off cutting through the lines, you will have a flexible rail of cardboard that will work as a cylinder mill cover later.

Then, insert a plastic tube in the center of the cylinder disk inside and a stack of cardboard and foamboard disks to make the mill sturdy. All the hard disks inside will work as grinder once the rice falls down. 

Finish the milling part by poking two holes, one for the feeding hopper and another one for rice flour outlet.

Since the machine needs to be above the ground, with the remaining cardboard, cut out six pieces to uplift the cylinder tube. 

As you place the cylinder on top, create a feeding hopper with another four pieces of cardboard and a rice shutter at the bottom.

After placing the hopper on top, finish the whole work by connecting a conveyor belt from the milling tube to the motor at the back.

Decorate with a power switch and rice flour outlet with the container to finish the job.