How to Make a Mini Rice Milling Machine Using Cans And DC Motor (Video)

Creator: LX DESIGN (Watch full video on youtube)

Rice mill machine is widely used for processing paddy rice into polished and white rice from its husk. The main functions include husking, destoning, milling, and polishing.

You must have been familiar with many types of rice mill machines ranging from industrial-scale down to a small and convenient size used according to different yields of harvest.

Since you are used to seeing how those machines are made of from strong and sturdy structure with a large sum of generating power, we will turn your attention to a much smaller scale with this instructional video on how to make a mini rice mill machine model using only aluminum cans, popsicle sticks, and DC motor.

You will need: 

  • Aluminum cans
  • Popsicle sticks
  • DC motor
  • Metal wires
  • Crafting materials: knife, glue gun and scissors 

1- Making of rice mill roller

With a metal wire in the middle, start sticking four popsicle sticks as blades that will work as rice mill rollers.

To create feed hopper, cut out the top part of aluminum cans and secure them on another can with hot glue to create a cylinder-shaped tube that will cover the roller later on.

Connecting more cans for an appropriate length to fit your rice mill roller by hanging the metal wire in the middle of the edge of each frame. 

As you finish this part, stick another four popsicle sticks to hold the mill higher than below ground. Make sure you leave enough height to collect the rice from the rice outlet port later. 

2- Setting up

As the milling tube can stand by itself, start cutting out rectangular holes as rice discharge port, waste port, and wind blower.

Moving on to the next step, stack a DC motor beneath the mill with a power generator next to it connected by electric wires.

Using rubber as pulley belt, place it between the motor and pulley wheel that is attached to the remaining mill roller bar to keep the roller moving. Adding more accessories for the rice collector and you are done!