How to Build a Mini Rice Milling Machine with Bricks and Cement (Video)

Creator: Expert Eye (Watch full on youtube)

When it comes to milling machines, there are many types made from different materials where you can find on the internet. The main role of the milling machine is how it removes the rice paddy husk during the milling process which later delivers fine white rice grains ready to be cooked and consumed.

There are also different parts of the machines that are important such as the feeding hopper where the rice paddies come through, rice mill roller and rice sieve where the husking process works, and also the main motor and power generator. 

Although there are different ways we can replicate a rice milling machine at home with easy crafting materials such as cardboard, aluminum cans, and foamboard, this time we will level up the game with concrete and mini bricks to create a modern working rice milling machine model with video instruction below.

1- Concrete Floor 

First, let’s start off with the concrete foundation. With pre-mixed red concrete, fill the main floor with the first layer of concrete pasting all over the field. Then, start adding metal wires onto the first layer and fill the whole floor with cement mix. Leave them to dry for the next step.

As the floor is hard and dry, set a space where you will put the main rolling motor and the rice mill later. With foamboard as frames, fill in each section with more pre-mixed concrete into the foamboard mold, adding steel columns as you fill in space.

2- Milling Machine

As you are waiting for the concrete to dry, get started with the milling machine. To match with the concrete section that is used to hold the milling system, cut out small parts of foamboard and create two halves of a cylinder tube.

As your concrete is dry, remove the foamboard frames and start stacking mini bricks onto the concrete floor by securing them with more cement. Then move to the main feeding hopper by using the same foam board.

Connect the hopper and rice outlet to the other half of the cylinder tube. Inside the bottom half of the tube, add steel plates with grid lines of small holes for removing rice grains from its husk. Then add a worm screw to the center of the cylinder for the milling process. 

3- Assembling

On another section of the concrete, place a running motor onto the concrete and cover them with more steel roof. Connect a belt between the milling roller and the main motor drive run by the main power generator.

After making sure the roller runs without errors, cover the rice milling machine with another half of the tube and you will have a sturdy mini rice milling machine ready!